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Chris Carter | CEO of VideoFort | Partner and Former CMO @ REP Interactive | Adjunct Professor @ Pepperdine University
Chris Carter is the CEO at VideoFort and former Chief Marketing Officer of REP Interactive. As an award-winning producer, Chris Co-Founded VideoFort with his partners at REP Interactive. VideoFort is not only one of Hollywood's largest manufacturers of HD and Ultra HD Stock Footage but has grown into a community of over 150,000 video creators around the globe. You've seen VideoFort's footage in major motion pictures, online and in televisions shows like BBC's Planet Earth.

As the CMO of REP Interactive, his agency became one of the fastest growing Video Production Agencies in the United States (according to During this time Chris and his team collected 172 awards for their work with REP Interactive's biggest clientele, growing the organization from a startup to working with over 180 brands including the Los Angeles Dodgers,, Amazon, Red Bull, Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and Sotheby's International.

Chris is also an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine University. His Digital Strategy course is designed to equip students on how to develop a communication strategy that makes the Internet and digital technology increasingly the focal point of advertising, public relations, and integrated marketing communication effort.

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Trusted by over 180 brands, and after building a network of 150,000 creators, filmmakers, editors and marketers around the world, Author Chris Carter has developed THE playbook for creating engaging and entertaining video content.

Steve Gatena
CEO of
2014 Entrepreneur of the Year at the United Nation's EMPACT Showcase

Chris is one of the most creative, inspiring, and personal people I’ve ever had the chance to work with. I was honored to be his business partner. The decade we spent together as teammates, businessmen, and filmmakers was transformative in my life. Chris taught me how to tell stories by building memorable experiences. From catching alligators to flying helicopters, Chris and I figured out how to capture high-risk adventures on film in safe and structured manner. The processes and formats we built for Fortune 500 companies will surely help any film or video maker looking to level up their creative genius.